Animal Control Begins with Enforcement of Our Existing Animal Control Ordinance

Update: I recently discovered that the City of Simonton has reversed its policy of not enforcing the City’s Animal Control Ordinance. While still placing most of the burden onto the public to protect itself, the City now says “A complaint may be submitted for violation of ordinance(s), and the complaint will be processed accordingly”.  However, there is no detail regarding what “processed accordingly” actually means.

If you have an animal control complaint:

First, know that the City will want as much information from you as possible. On top of that, the more violations you document, the more likely you are to receive action in your favor that might stop the behavior that led to your complaint in the first place.

Second, be careful about confronting your neighbors about their animals. Leave that up to the City because they have the authority and the obligation to take action.

Third, you don’t have the right to hurt anyone’s animal – although in general, you can protect yourself, others, and your livestock primarily while on your own property. 

Fourth, If you are injured by any animal, remember that rabies is a big deal. Seek medical help immediately. 

Document everything:

  • Video is best, Photos are good, eyewitness testimony can help.
  • Document your complaint in writing and get it to city hall without delay.
  • If there are multiple occurrences, make multiple complaints.
  • Don’t be Shy. Follow up to make sure that your complaint is actually investigated and that the City takes action on your complain.

Original Article:

For too long, I’ve heard stories about my neighbors losing livestock and pets to “stray” dogs or animals that are “off premise” – not contained on the owner’s property. 

This has got to stop.

Just weeks ago, one neighbor’s goat was killed by their neighbor’s dog and the photographic evidence was put on Facebook for all to see.

To my knowledge, the city has not taken action.

In fact, the city, on their website, says:

“Currently, the city does not have an animal control officer so any complaints concerning strays or safety of animals should be reported to the proper authorities.”

Simonton does, indeed, have an animal control officer – and you will be surprised to know who it is.

Watch the video to get a full overview of the City’s Animal Control Ordinance or CLICK HERE to read it for yourself.

What good is it for the city to have an ordinance that it chooses to ignore?