Two City Council Meetings set for Tuesday, February 6, 2024, Beginning at 5:30 PM

The Simonton City Council will hold two “Back-To-Back” meetings on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

The first meeting, known as a “Special Session Meeting”, is presented as a “workshop”. It begins at 5:30 p.m. The only item on the agenda for this meeting says:

“The City Council will Review and Consider Updates to its e-Code 360 Ordinances”.

It is important to note that the item appears to allow for “updates” (ie: changes) to ordinances to be considered.” The public has not been advised regarding any potential updates or changes, nor has input been requested regarding any updates or changes.

Note that “e-Code 360” is the online platform wherein Simonton’s City Ordinances are maintained and presented for public review.

The second session that begins at 6:30 p.m. is a “Regular Meeting”. It begins 6:30 PM at Simonton City Hall. It appears to feature a number of business items and issues for the City Council to consider.

Interestingly, it includes an “Executive Session”, in which 3 separate items will be discussed privately without the public’s present. This number of elements to be discussed in this Executive Session will likely mean that the meeting will end later than most. Importantly, although the city council can reach an informal consensus in Executive Session, any actions, such as votes, must be made in “Open Session”. 

The public is encouraged to attend and to participate in sharing their thoughts and concerns via “Public Comments”.

CLICK HERE for the Meeting Agenda on the City’s website.

See you there!

Watch the meeting live or watch it later
As before, I plan on live-streaming the meeting via my Facebook page: 

In the event that I am unable to stream the meeting, I will post the video as quickly as possible. Of course, it will be presented prominently on this website as well.

Important Notice and Disclosure:
I do not edit and have never intentionally edited a Simonton City Council meeting except to add titles where necessary, to exclude portions of the video immediately prior to and immediately following the official meeting, and where personal attacks are used to intentionally harrass, slander, defame, harm, injure, or otherwise attack persons in the gallery, including myself as I will not be party to such behavior. 

Consequently, I reserve the right, at my sole discretion, to silence, redact or fully remove portions of the final video where any person intentionally uses the videos I produce as their personal platform, wherein the video record may otherwise be used in an effort to create and a record of or otherwise document any personal attack on any member of the gallery, including myself.

Note, however, when comments are made that relate specifically to the city and their business, I fully intend to ensure that those comments are heard.

Regarding Internet Bandwidth Drop Outs:
Any “skips” that may occur during a live-stream, causing the video to be interrupted momentarily, are beyond my control and occur when the bandwidth from my internet provider drops out during a live stream broadcast. These are going to happen from time to time and are unavoidable when wireless internet is used.

In general, as the public will see by the online record, in order to provide the most complete recording possible with the best audio I am able to provide, I have begun posting the full, higher-quality video from my video camera on YouTube the following day or as soon as possible after the meeting.