City Fails to Call a "Regular" November City Council Meeting

Simonton City Council, No Meeting.

The City of Simonton did not post their “regular” monthly meeting agenda for the meeting that had been expected to be held on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Consequently, it appears that they will not hold a regular business meeting this month.

No cancellation notice was provided either on the City Hall bulletin board or on the city website. 

It should be noted that the City Council meeting held November 1, 2022 was simply a re-do of the October 18th meeting and did not have any business items for the month of November.

Since city meetings must be posted 72 hours in advance of a meeting, the latest time a meeting could have been posted would have been 6:30 pm on Saturday, November 11, 2022.

No reason was provided for the city not calling the meeting.

If you were anticipating attending a November meeting, you are not alone in your disappointment.