Detailed GIS Maps Available Through the Fort Bend County Website

The City of Simonton has approved spending $5000 + $1200/year on Simonton’s own GIS mapping tool. It could take a while to get it online. According to the City, having GIS mapping on its website is a legal requirement. From what the City Secretary says, it will surely have some great features, including a layer that shows completed and future capital improvement projects.

The good news is that if you want to know more about our area and the county as a whole, you may want to check out the Fort Bend County GIS Mapping tool. It’s free and has tons of “layers” that you can turn on, such as city limits, ETJ, FEMA Flood Maps, The County Major Thoroughfare Plan, County Mobility Projects, Emergency Service District Boundaries, School District Boundaries and much, much more.

Note that the controls for all of the great features are at the bottom-center portion of the screen. 

Check it out today!