The City is waiting for you to apply to serve on an ESD Board!


At the August 17, 2023 City Council meeting, many in the audience expressed their concerns regarding the City Council Members appointing themselves to the city’s Economic Development Board “A”. 

As a way to calm the concerns of those in attendance, City Council members said that they were simply trying to re-build the board and that they would consider appointing citizens to Simonton’s Economic Development Board “A”, but felt there was no interest from the community.

However, a number of residents that were attending the meeting expressed interest in serving on Simonton’s Economic Development Board “A”.

The City Secretary said to them that all they would have to do is to fill out an application form to be considered. is pleased to present the community with a link to the city’s own official “City of Simonton Application for Boards and Committees” form.

It appears that the boards are planning to meet 3 or 4 times a year, so your participation will be both welcome and easy to schedule.

So, now’s your chance to make a difference in your community. Please take the time to fill out the form. According to the note at the bottom of the form, you’ll need to print it out, sign it, and either mail it or hand-deliver it to Simonton City Hall.

Thank you for considering serving your community.